smallworld strengthens communities by
facilitating high-quality connections

Connected communities are happier, more inclusive, more innovative, and more productive.

  • Happiness
  • Inclusivity
  • Innovation
  • Productivity

Connected communities are
happy communities

The number of unique connections a community member has is one of the best predictors of that individual's happiness. smallworld increases community connections and the happiness of its members.

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Connected communities are
inclusive communities

Homophily is the tendency for individuals within a community to associate and bond with others that share similarities including interest, race, and gender. smallworld disrupts this tendency by connecting community members who would have otherwise not had a meaningful interaction.

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Connected communities are
innovative communities

Research suggests that the fastest way to foster innovation within a community is to facilitate random connections between its members. smallworld does exactly this.

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Connected communities are
productive communities

Research also shows that diverse teams are more productive than those lacking diversity. smallworld increases productivity by connecting community members allowing for greater intellectual diversity in the exchange of ideas.

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smallworld Communities

smallworld can benefit many different communities.
Some examples are described below.

  • Academic Communities

    Whether you want to enhance student dialogue within a high school classroom or facilitate meetings between university professors, smallworld's flexible and easy to use software enables the sharing of ideas and resources between academic community members in order to drive better learning.

  • Healthcare Communities

    With the shift away from fee-for-service to value based reimbursement models, teamwork and communication are more important than ever to deliver affordable, cost-effective, and efficacious medicine to patients. smallworld seamlessly connects constituents across the entire healthcare team continuum – from the clerk all the way to attending physician – in order to drive the sharing of expert knowledge, with the goal of ultimately enhancing patient care.

  • Conferences

    Tired of traditional conference mixers? smallworld connects people on the individual level, facilitating real conversations about everything from Space-State Semantics to Divergent Perturbation Theory.

  • Faith Communities

    Large faith communities can feel overwhelming to newcomers and stagnant to long-time members. By creating opportunities for high quality connections, smallworld quickly connects potential members with real people in the community while reinvigorating current members with a sense of purpose and contribution.

  • Virtual Communities

    Webinars and conference calls can leave virtual networks feeling disconnected. Without personal relationships, communities can’t work towards a common purpose. smallworld’s connections bring together communities separated by distance.

  • Organizations

    Strict lines of hierarchical communication make organizations inefficient and inflexible. smallworld flattens hierarchies in organizations by increasing communication between everyone from the C-suite to the B-level in an impactful and measurable way.

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