smallworld Organizer Guide

smallworld strengthens communities by facilitating high quality connections among community members. Community members simply sign up and we randomly pair members for one-on-one interactions at an interval set by the smallworld Organizer (every week, every two weeks, etc.). Use this page to learn how to start smallworld in your community.

smallworld Organizer Documents

How to Start a smallworld Community

1. Create an Account
smallworld Organizers can request an account through the Contact Us form.
Estimated 2 minutes.

2. Personalize Invite Page

The smallworld Organizer Dashboard includes an Invite Page that community members use to sign up. smallworld provides a template, but we suggest smallworld Organizers personalize the Invite Page for their community. Organizers can explain their goals for using smallworld in their community and answer questions that community members may have. Example Invite Page.
Estimated 20 minutes.

3. Distribute Invite Page Link

smallworld Organizers can distribute the Invite Page link to community Members through email, presentations, postcards (see above), or word of mouth. Links can be shortened at websites such as or
Estimated 20 minutes.

4. Select Connection Dates

Organizers select dates when pairings should be distributed. On this date, each community member that has signed up will be randomly paired with another community member and they will be notified of the pairing via email. From each pair an initiator is randomly selected to initiate the meeting. Most communities distribute new pairings every two weeks, but smallworld Organizers may select any frequency they wish.
Estimated 2 minutes.

How to Participate in a smallworld Community

1. Sign up and confirm email address

smallworld Organizers provide the link to your smallworld Invite Page. After you enter your name and email address, you will receive an email to confirm your email address. This page also describes the goals for using smallworld in your community and an FAQ if you have any questions. Example Invite Page.

2. Receive smallworld Pairing

You will receive a smallworld pairing on a date selected by your smallworld Organizer. One member of each pair is randomly selected to initiate the meeting.

3. Schedule lunch or coffee

Contact your partner to schedule a time for lunch, coffee, or another one-on-one interaction. We suggest providing three times at which you are available.

4. Meet your partner

And develop a high quality connection!

5. Repeat

You will receive new pairings on dates selected by your smallworld Organizer.